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The closing weekend of Fashion Design Council of India’s (FDCI) India Couture Week (ICW) 2017 drew out the big names from fashion and film to conclude the event in a grand style. The finale show was presented by veteran designer and Bollywood’s go-to fashion expert, Manish Malhotra. It only seemed fitting that the current toast of tinsel town Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt were the showstoppers for Malhotra’s collection “Sensual Affair”. One saw a lot of trains, on gowns, lehengas, capes in short and long lengths. Shades of white, beige and cream gold dominated the colour palette. This is a brave collection — with edgier, sharp silhouettes and cuts, deep necks, backless numbers and fitted corset-like blouses — from Malhotra’s stable. Blood red outfits and capes added a hint of drama to the collection. “We have even changed the way we use can-can as an underskirt. We made them into cages, which would help facilitate the movement of the wearer,” said Malhotra.

In terms of embellishments, Malhotra stuck to familiar territory with the use of silver and gold thread embroidery, pearl and sequin work. The womenswear featured dresses, gowns and lehengas and the men had richly embroidered bandgala jackets juxtaposed with plain white kurta and pants. Showstopper Ranveer wore a deep blue intricately embroidered velvet jacket, with a flowy kurta, and grey and white checkered pants completed the outfit. Alia Bhatt wore a mud brown lehenga replete with a long train with flowers sown on the hemline for extra flair. Paired

with a heavily embroidered and sequined deep-neck blouse, it frankly failed to impress. Brown is not everyone’s colour, including Alia.

Gaurav Gupta too stuck to silver and bling for his collection titled “Moondust”. Western cuts and silhouettes went hand-in-hand with intricate embroidery of creepers and flowers. The fish tail cut was dominant in pastel shades of ice grey, faded green and dark lavender. Actor Aditi Rao Hydari, who played showstopper for Gupta, wore a steel grey ensemble with silver sequin embroidery and ruffles hanging from the waist. Wet glossy hair and minimal make-up completed the look.

While Anita Dongre stayed away from Bollywood, her gotta-patti work was enough to scale her collection up on the bling factor. “Tree of Love” paid homage to the Bishnoi tribe of Rajasthan and the Khejri trees, which are revered by the community. Naturally, there were tree motifs in all shapes and sizes. The collection also featured ensembles for bridesmaids, with beige as the dominant colour. Children — who we assume represented flowergirls/ boys — also walked the ramp in the same range of beige. The cross-body potli bags added a nice touch.

Designer Rina Dhaka roped in actor Huma Qureshi to play showstopper for her collection “Honor The Smile”. The collection was also heavy on the bling scale with silver and gold embellishments and heavy kundan jewellery.Read more at:cheap prom dresses uk

How Do You Do Your Hair When You Only Have One Arm?

“Would you mind helping me spread my butt cheeks?”

Luckily, this question didn’t really come as a shock to my waxer.

“You know… one-handed problems,” I joked. She spread an ass cheek with one hand and waxed with the other, while I dutifully spread my other cheek with my right hand.

Since I was born missing my left hand, I’ve had to figure out alternative ways to do a lot of stuff, like tying my shoes, cutting food, and driving. I’m used to having to get creative, particularly when it comes to my beauty routine. I take great comfort in knowing exactly how to groom myself to feel more attractive and knowing I can do those things differently but effectively.

I present to you the beauty challenges I have faced, modified, and perfected:


Back in the ’90s, there was an infomercial with a contraption that held the dryer for you. When I got it for Christmas, I was thrilled. It worked, but I didn’t want to rely on bringing it with me everywhere I went. Because I do have range of motion at my elbow, I’ve mastered the art of holding a regular hairdryer with my stump. Thanks to my amputee friends, I’ve learned how to put my hair in a ponytail. The secret is a ring that is big enough to catch the elastic from sliding down your wrist. I use this badass snake cocktail ring. It takes patience and dexterity, but it’s doable. I’ve managed to perfect a tight, high ponytail and a messy bun, though it often takes a few tries.


Achieving a perfect cat-eye can feel like an impossibility even if you have three hands, but using one finger to stretch and the others to apply has worked for me. I hold lipsticks and foundation bottles with my stump while I apply with my right hand. I can’t contour to save my life, but that has nothing to do with my lack of a left hand.


Back in high school, body hair was seen a mark of undesirability. Now I regularly forget to shave for weeks, but at 13, I thought being hairless was one of the most important things a girl could be. Shaving my legs presented no problems, but upon inspection of the thick black hair on my arms (I’m Sicilian), I decided that needed to go as well. I quickly and easily shaved off all the hair on my left half-arm. When I moved to my right, it hit me that I had no hand to hold the razor. I stood in the shower, lathered up, debating whether I should call for my mom to help me. The thought of asking for help frustrated me. I thought for a moment, then stuck the razor between my teeth. And before I knew it, my right arm was hairless, too. I don’t shave my arms as regularly anymore, but when I do, my teeth have never failed me.

Spa Treatments

On the rare occasion I get a spa treatment, my stump is either ignored or accidentally touched (followed by an apology). Once I got a facial and the technician rubbed my feet and right hand and covered them in warm gloves and socks. When she pulled down the blanket to reveal my stump, she audibly gasped and covered it back up. “It’s okay,” I said. “You can touch it.” I wanted my stump to be just as pampered as the rest of me, and I was proud of myself for asking. Also: The best part of being an amputee is half-price manicures.


Shopping seems easy enough, but when you grab as much as you possibly can from the racks, like me, it can get tough to carry everything. I sling a lot of dresses and pants over my shoulder when my right hand is full. Zippers have given me trouble, but with some finagling I can usually get them. I was only truly defeated by a zipper once while shoe shopping. I tried on gladiator sandals that made my calves look like baked hams, then I realized I couldn’t escape from them. I eventually asked a kind stranger to hold the top steady while I pulled the zipper.

There are many other instances in my beauty routine and my everyday life where I have to modify an action to suit me; most times it’s so natural I don’t even realize I’m doing it. (Except the ass cheeks thing: I am hyper-aware of prepping myself to ask that question every time I get waxed.) I recently started wearing a state-of-the-art jet-black bionic arm. It feels right on my body and makes holding certain things easier. But I’ve been practicing my beauty routine for over a decade without it, so I tend to leave it off when I get ready, then top off my outfits with it at the end.

Just like I’ve learned that perfectly blended eyeshadow and winged eyeliner take practice, I’ve also learned that disabled people always find a way, whether it be through a modification, tenacity, or asking for help. Beautifying myself makes me feel more confident; my beauty routine makes me feel happier. And being able to do those things by myself (and asking for help unabashedly when I need it) makes me feel like I can conquer anything, singlehandedly.Read more at:prom dresses online | evening dresses uk

Can Travel Make You More Creative

When faced with a creative block, common wisdom suggests you go for a walk, exercise, even take a nap. All three have a common thread, of course: creating distance and taking a mental break from the task at hand. So it stands to reason that really getting away, say, on a vacation, would be the ultimate cure, right? For the deskbound wanderlusters among us, the answer is thankfully, yes. New research suggests travel can increase your levels of creativity and cause an uptick in your mind’s ability to produce positive thoughts, leading you to a happier, more inspired version of you.

Travel allows you to physically get away from an issue and see it from another perspective; hop a plane away from the trees and you’re suddenly able to see the forest. In fact, even the suggestion of distance can open you up to more creative thinking. In one Indiana University study, participants were asked to solve a series of puzzles. The group that was told the puzzles came from California (rather than being “homegrown” Indiana University puzzles) showed more creative thinking in coming up with solutions and were more likely to solve the problems.

“Creative work allows us to stretch our mental comfort zones and view our surroundings—and ourselves—from new perspectives,” says Shelley H. Carson, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Harvard University. “This exposes us to new experiences and new ideas. When we are creative, our vision becomes broader and the world opens to us, similar to the way our perspective broadens when we travel.”

And these benefits don’t just apply to quick jaunts out of town. Longer stints abroad have a lasting impact on lifelong creativity. Inspired by anecdotal evidence about artists who produced their best-known works during or following stints abroad (Vladimir Nabokov and Lolita, Ernest Hemingway and The Sun Also Rises), professor Adam Galinsky of Columbia Business School set out to explore this correlation. In research published by the American Psychological Association, Galinsky proves that individuals who have lived abroad in their lifetime tend to be more creative and that the more countries in which someone has lived, the higher the degree of their creativity. This was further shown to be true in the fashion world; Galinsky studied creative directors from 270 of the world’s top fashion houses and found that those who had spent significant time abroad produced more innovative and consistently creative fashion lines.

Why does time abroad have such a dramatic impact? “Travel exposes you to new people, and often to new cultures, religions, languages, and customs, as well as to new places,” says Carson. Similar to Galinsky’s research, Carson’s work proves this exposure broadens a traveler’s perspective, which is correlated to an increased state of positivity—the ideal brain state for creative thinking to occur. Essentially, when we’re relaxed and happy, new ideas flow more readily.

Carson also suggests highly creative, well-traveled people have more open and accepting personalities. “They are more motivated to explore other cultures and are less judgmental of other ways of life,” says Carson. “Travel itself can make a person more open, so there is a three-way interaction. Travel can make a person more open and creative, whereas an open person may be more motivated to travel and do creative work.”Read more at:prom dress shops | marieprom

Victoria gifts daughter Spice Girls doll set

Victoria gifts daughter Spice Girls doll set

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LONDON-Victoria Beckham has given her six-year-old daughter Harper a Spice Girls doll set.

The 43-year-old fashion designer has gifted her six-year-old daughter Harper a set of dolls of her and her bandmates – Geri Horner, Emma Bunton, Mel B and Mel C – to play with and she really loves them. Captioning a picture of Harper playing with the dolls on her Instagram story, she wrote: ‘’When you find out mummy was a pop star!! Xxx (sic)’’

Meanwhile, Victoria – who also has Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 14 and Cruz, 12, with her husband David Beckham – previously insisted she has done the best she can at raising her kids.

She shared: ‘’You don’t have a rule book when you have a child. You just do the best that you can and I think the kids are doing a pretty good job. They’re well-mannered, hard-working, they’re fun and they’re happy kids. So what more can you ask for?’’

And Victoria has praised her husband David for being the ‘’best partner anybody can have’’.

She said: ‘’David comes to my shows and David is my business partner. Everything we do, we do everything together. We really support each other … He’s the best partner anybody can have.’’

Although Victoria is obsessed with making her self-titled fashion label as successful as it can be, the brunette doesn’t like to bring her work home with her.

She added: ‘’I tend not to talk too much about (work) when I get home because I’ve been working on it all day and there’s so many other things to catch up with regards to the children and what he’s doing.’’Read more at:marieprom

Want to travel in style like Bollywood celebs


Airport looks can be tricky and it’s not a good idea to overdo it but still keep up the fashion aspect up to the mark. The rule is to keep it simple and the functionality of your outfit should be apparent, say experts.

Ankita Bajaj from brand Vans India, Harkirat Singh of Woodland Worldwide and Vandana Anurag of The Parisian Boudoir have rolled out some tips for all fashionistas who love to fly in style.

* Trending since 2016, white sneakers are a must to pull off airport runs in style. It’s impossible not to be able to pair these with any look — be it joggers, a dress, boyfriend jeans, midi skirts and even basic denim shorts.

* Instead of carrying a bunch of small things in multiple bags, carry a big lightweight tote. Tote bags not only look sophisticated but also help you to fit everything in one place, laptop and fashion magazines included.

* Always carry a warm jacket no matter how hot it is outside as the temperature inside the plane is always colder.

* Shoes with padded ankles call for total comfort when it comes to walking from one end of the airport to another. Be it low tops or high tops, always look for a padded ankle to steer clear of shoe bites.

* Flared pants are an absolute favourite nowadays and are here to stay. They are not only comfortable but very stylish and add that extra edge even to your simple attire. Jeans are the basic wardrobe essentials and are perfect for travelling, pair them up with a sweatshirt and your look is complete.

* You can go for jumpsuits or maxi dresses as they are extremely airy and comfortable to carry and look very stylish too.

* Make sure you are wearing a relaxed top while travelling, as you are bound to sit in a confined space for hours. Choose materials like thin knit, cotton or silk. Avoid fabrics that may get wrinkled after sitting for long hours.Read more at:cheap prom dresses uk

Ethical Fashion labels on Runway, Berlin

Ethical Fashion labels on Runway, Berlin

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For the first time ever, the trade fair duo Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Greenshowroom hosted an international event where top players from the eco fashion segment presented their new collections. This event was held at Funkhaus Berlin, from July 4-6, 2017. A total of 180 labels showcased their S/S 2018 in the Shedhalle on the Funkhaus exhibition site.

The move to the new location and collaboration meant that both Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin can expand their exhibition space. 40 international pioneers in contemporary fashion presented high-quality looks for next summer at Greenshowroom, while Shedhalle was occupied by the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, which presented the biggest range of fashion in its history. 140 labels showcased trendy street and casual wear.

The exhibition space at the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin was divided into clearly identified segments for the first time: Moderncasual for clear, long-lasting collections, Urbanvibe for denim and streetwear, Craft for craftsmanship interpreted in traditional and modern ways, Individual for Styles with individual class from the pioneers of eco fashion and Kids for fashionable highlights for children and teens. The trade fair was had a meaningful structure made it easier for the visitors to navigate and orient themselves.


The major design direction gathered from all shows was: understated with minimalism.

The style-defining trends for next summer include new products in the Craft segment based on traditional craftsmanship coupled with contemporary design. Athleisure is also becoming an important aspect: sporty themes are increasingly being interpreted in a fashionable way. The focus is on a new sensibility with muted design that is characterised by details and high-quality materials. Colour prints and romantic all-over prints and lacing were also be seen and they dominated the collections for S/S 2018 in a rich variety of forms.

The trade fair duo also had an interesting retail area “JETZT!” where the organiser presented a concept space that gave retailers a vision of how they can integrate sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands in their product ranges – showcased in a fashionable, experience-oriented and contemporary manner.

It was a very insightful and inspiring fashion intersection, one-of-its-kind held in Berlin.Read more at:evening dresses

The designer who broke the Internet


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ON a normal day, Michael Cinco will dress up an Arab superstar (Balqees Fathi, in a crystallized ombré dress), a stunning Bollywood celebrity at India’s Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards (Sonam Kapoor, in a fuchsia gown), a dazzling opera singer in Kazakhstan (Zarina Altynbayeva, in an emerald crystallized creation) or a first-rate Filipino actress at the Berlin Film Festival (Cherie Gil, in a turquoise couture). On an extraordinary day, Cinco will break the Internet with one exceptional creation after another.

Jennifer Lopez, one of the world’s biggest pop divas, has worn a number of Cinco’s singular designs. When she sang “Love Makes The World Go Round” with Lin-Manuel Miranda on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as tribute to the victims of the Orlando Pulse a year ago, she opted to wear an ensemble from the designer’s “The Impalpable Dream of Sainte Chapelle” spring-summer 2016 collection shown at the Dubai Fashion Forward.

“The majestic 20-foot stained-glass cape is meticulously hand-painted and features 10,000 colorful Swarovski crystals with hand-made silk embroideries. It took six months for 100 people to complete it,” Cinco explained in a social-media post.

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the most popular Miss Universe ever, opted to wear a Michael Cinco creation for her final walk before she turned over her crown to Iris Mittenaere of France in January.

“[It was a] Couture Impalpable Dream moment. The Impalpable Pia’s cobalt blue ball gown is inspired and is my personal tribute to my best friend Albert Andrada, who designed Pia’s winning gown during Miss Universe 2015,” Cinco said, adding, “It’s all made by hand by my amazing skilled artisans.”

Aishwarya Rai, the most beautiful Miss World ever, wore a Michael Cinco at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Rai’s skirt is made of 100 meters of tulle, its inner construction made with horsehair for that amazing volume. Four tailors and 30 beaders worked for two days on the embellishment, while 10 petites mains labored for 120 hours to embroider the tulle.

The “super gorgeous” Bollywood superstar, Cinco said, “looks like a fairy-tale princess in a couture Impalpable Land on the red carpet. The dress is inspired from the painting of Infanta Maria Theresa, the wife of the Sun King Louis IV of the Palace of Versailles.”

Victoria Swarovski, the heiress most known to haute couturiers who love crystals, chose Cinco as her bridal designer for her wedding to real-estate investor Werner Mürz in June. During her fitting in May, Cinco stated: “Expect to rain Swarovski crystals on her wedding dress….”

True enough, the singer wed “in a beautiful 6-meter long train Michael Cinco couture wedding gown in delicate French lace and beadworks encrusted with full minute Swarovski crystals in picturesque Trieste, Italy,” the designer wrote of his dress reportedly weighing 46 kilograms and worth close to a million US dollars. The world was astonished, to say the least.

But of all his brides, who hail from as far away as Russia, Romania, Arabia and Lebanon, it is Filipino TV prime-time queen Marian Rivera that Cinco considers the fairest.

He dressed her for her wedding to Kapuso King Dingdong Dantes in 2014 in Manila.

Marian’s wedding dress was made of Solstiss French lace with French pailette, minute Swarovski pearls, chalk white Swarovski crystals and studded with full transparent Swarovski crystals with the flower motif made of laser-cut velvet and organza.

“I’ve never seen a more beautiful and happier bride than Marian Rivera…impalpable bride, indeed,” Cinco said. “I was so happy to be part of the most spectacular wedding of the decade.”

The Samar-born designer is in town to consult with another high-profile bride-to-be, aesthetic doctor Vicky Belo.

But he demurs when asked if he can share any details about Belo’s wedding to Hayden Kho:

“I highly value whatever privacy and veil of secrecy my clients would want to enjoy prior to their big day. All I can say is that Vicky Belo would be the happiest bride not only because of what she will wear, but also because she radiates it. And so will her little daughter, the angelic Scarlet Snow.”

After conquering Cannes and the Miss Universe stage, what’s left for Cinco is making a splash at The Met Ball and the Oscars. “The Met Ball is a good many months or so away. So is the Oscars. My style PR [public-relations] managers in Los Angeles, Antonio Estebán and Inessa Shak, are generally responsible for my US inputs. They are excellent at what they do,” he said.

“A gala show in the Philippines would be a most welcome change. But I think it’s not coming in the near future, but it’s certainly something I so look forward to. I can only assure, it will be a big and sentimental homecoming,” he mused.

An overachieving, Internet-obliterating designer still has dreams.

“As a designer, I’m always open to all possibilities. But I thrive on surprises,” he intimated. “Angelina Jolie still tops my list of women I love to dress up. Meantime, let me dress up all other women who are equally beautiful and up to the challenge of wearing Michael Cinco.”Read more at:prom dresses london

Filipino culture comes to Hawaii’s State Fair

“E.K. Fernandez Shows, Inc. came to us looking for an attraction to bring in people to enjoy the fair,” stated Allan Alvarez who does his own mid-day show on KPHI.

At first, the planning committee considered featuring major artists, but they became too expensive. After thinking about Hawaii as a whole, Alvarez suggested doing a Filipino Cultural Night.

“We thought about celebrating the Filipino culture because there are so many Filipinos here in Hawaii.” When Alvarez presented the idea and tentative program to the EK Fernandez team, they approved and went with the plan.

Many of the acts come from the local Filipino community, including Tekniqlingz, Jezbhel Leano and A-Trust Band.

Alvarez chose the acts based on what would make a good mix of both past and current artists that the audience would enjoy.

“The theme of the show is Then and Now, also known as Noon at Ngayon. We mixed traditional, modern and contemporary into the program.”

Alvarez claims that not many Filipinos in Hawaii have a strong understanding and familiarity with their own culture, so KPHI wanted to give them a taste of it, “old and new at the same time,” as Alvarez puts it.

From songs and dances to a colorful fashion show, the audience members of the 50th State Fair experienced the first Filipino Cultural Night since the fair began in 1903.

One of the performances came from a popular Filipino talent show “The Voice Kids Philippines.” Yssa Marie West, who competed in the third season of the show, proudly displayed her Filipino American upbringing and aloha spirit as she competed and trained under Coach Lea Salonga.

Making it to the overall top 24, West has returned to her home and continues to perform, taking every opportunity that comes her way. The young artist sang her heart and soul out on the stage, leaving the audience in awe.

“I feel mixed emotions. I’m so blessed because all these people came. My friends and family came, even my teacher came. The crowd clapped and it makes me feel happy. I love to sing and to share my talent.”

Another part of the event showcased the fashions that the Philippines has to offer, under the guidance of Iris Villacrusis, a Filipino designer from the Big Island. Ranging from the Maria Clara dresses to malongs, Villacrusis shared all of his collection with the crowd.

After realizing the absence of Filipino fashion in mainstream media, Villacrusis traveled to the Philippines numerous times to collect different pieces from all over the country so he could share it with the community around him.

“I don’t see it in the mainstream. One of the worse things as a diaspora, we are scattered all over the world and there are people who say that they are proud to be Filipino but they’re not proud to look like one. My motto is wear Pinoy, be Pinoy.” The fashion show even ended with Villacrusis’ modern take, with the female model wearing a revealing bra with a barong and skirt.

The 50th State Fair gave people a glimpse of what Filipino culture encompasses, from dancing, singing, fashion and even food trucks outside the tent.

Alvarez hopes that the Filipino Cultural Night’s huge success will convince E.K. Fernandez Shows, Inc. to host another event next year and the following years.

“The Filipino community is underserved and under-recognized here in Hawaii because we work so hard. We just work and work and work, we don’t really have time to enjoy,” Alvarez observes.

“I want the rest of the public to know that Filipinos want to have a great time too. We want to enjoy as well and we have a rich culture that we want to share with many, many people.”Read more at:prom dresses 2017 | plus size prom dresses

Fashion Forward Dubai relocates to d3


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Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD), the region’s progressive fashion platform, will return to Dubai, UAE for its 10th edition at a new location in the Design Quarter of Dubai Design District (d3) from October 26 to 28.

Endorsed by Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) and with Dubai Design District (d3) as Strategic Partner, the event will showcase seasoned couture, ready-to-wear and accessory designers, as well as debut new talent.

The definitive fashion platform has championed Middle Eastern design talent for the past five years and has propelled the careers of many designers both internationally and regionally.

Since its launch, FFWD has played host to thousands of guests from buyers and fashion industry insiders to international and regional media, as they descend on Dubai to preview stand-out regional talent. In 2013 FFWD burst onto the regional fashion scene showing 18 designers and hosting lively debates at Dubai’s luxurious Madinat Jumeirah.

The Design Quarter has become the central component in the development of d3 and is already home to over 6,000 people and 400 luxury, fashion and design businesses.

Bong Guerrero, CEO and co-founder of FFWD said: “This October is a key milestone in FFWD’s evolution as we celebrate the tenth edition of the platform in our new home in the centre of Dubai’s creative hub.

“With the continued support of d3 and DDFC the platform has become the reference point for regional design talent and a launch pad for international visibility. Each season we introduce new concepts, explore new topics of conversation, discover new talent and deliver a new experience while providing an environment where passion, collaboration and purpose meet.”

Jazia Al Dhanhani, CEO, Dubai Design & Fashion Council, said: “We are proud to continue our collaboration with Fashion Forward for its landmark tenth season, and the fourth season to be endorsed by DDFC.

“Fashion Forward continues to inspire us with its diversity, as it looks to create valuable avenues of growth for local and regional designers, and nurture and promote the immense pool of home-grown talent. This is closely aligned with our mandate to establish Dubai as the international capital of emerging design. We wish the Fashion Forward team and participating designers the utmost luck for Season 10, and look forward to another exciting edition.”

Maitha Al Suwaidi, executive director of Marketing and Communications of Dubai Design District said: “d3 is delighted to host the tenth edition of Fashion Forward with the new location set in the heart of the design quarter. We are committed to supporting the development of emerging designers in the region and our design community provides a unique platform where they can unite and co-create.

“This season our visitors will experience an elevated creative journey with access to our exclusive fine dining restaurants, fashion ateliers and unique concept stores, enjoying the thriving atmosphere within the design hub.”

Designer registration for FFWD’s 10th Edition is now open with limited spaces available. To participate, designers can register at The deadline for registration is July 15. Any late entries will be accepted based on availability, a statement said.Read more at:prom dresses uk



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‘The Colour Of Magic’ came to life when students delivered creative, inspiring and skilled outfits using everything from from PVC to cable-ties at the Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Awards last Saturday, July 1.

Three second year Durban University of Technology students, Katekani Moreku, Hlengiwe Mdunge and Nasreen Paruk, took the top spots in the competition.

Taking first place was Moreku, 25, who is studying towards his national diploma in fashion design. Originally from Wolverines village in Mpumalanga province, Moreku said, “I discovered my passion for creating design in high school when I realised that I’m so curious and eager to change people’s appearances into the way I would like the world to perceive the human race.”

For the competition, Moreku designed a menswear carnival suit. “My inspiration came from the carnivals of yesteryear that have a limitless culture of colours. I took different colourful prints and coordinated them in order to exude one magical colour,” said Moreku.

Although Moreku said he is still finding his style, his tendency to mix rich bright colours in his designs is what stands out most in his garments. As for the future, Moreku said, “I hope, by God’s grace, to live long enough to open all fashion production sectors, from yarn producing factories to retail, in South Africa.

Mdunge, 23, from Chesterville came second in the competition. At fifteen years old, Mdunge realised her love for design, “I used to sketch and hand sew things, but I never took it that seriously. I wanted to be an engineer,” she said.

Despite her inclination toward fashion, Mdunge studied civil engineering. “I didn’t finish my degree in engineering, it wasn’t working out. I came to realise, fashion had always been there in me. I’m passionate about it and it’s what comes naturally. I find myself doing it unintentionally,” she said.

The outfit entry was inspired by illusions. “It’s a high and low dress with a print of a face in front. When I heard the July theme, I looked into magic as an illusion to convey it,” she said..

Mdunge’s future aspirations include furthering her studies, interning under established designers and to one day venture into her own brand.

Taking third place, Paruk, 22, said, fashion was always something she wanted to pursue. “After a year of thinking I could be a biological scientist, fashion design just seemed like the obvious choice. When I started, I realised it was something that I was actually good at,” she said.

The outfit she designed was a printed dress with a detachable PVC over skirt that she screen printed herself. “I was inspired by the illusions that magicians use to deceive and confuse the audience much like Optical art of the 1950s and 1960s which inspired the silhouette. So I created something that was a sensory overload,” said Paruk.

Considering herself to be a “modern structural designer”, Paruk said, “I like classic elements that have a very modern twist and that’s what I aspire to design, something that’s dramatic, different and shocking.”

Nothing is set in stone said Paruk, “The future is fluid at the moment but I hope to get the opportunity to further my studies internationally. »Read more at:long prom dresses